Greatest MINDS is a non-profit organization that works with college students and young professionals to become the next generation of civic leaders through mentoring, volunteering and participating.



Greatest MINDS has a vision for the 21st century where skilled, educated Black professionals will take leadership in their communities and careers by supporting high school students on their road to college and beyond.


By believing that change can happen in our communities and in people's lives and by communicating that vision in everything we do.


By trying our hands at the new and unusual, by always moving forward, and by insisting that our reach exceed our grasp.


By pushing ourselves to take on new challenges, by experimenting with different models, and by speaking truth to power.



Greatest MINDS is a networking organization of educators, activists, entrepreneurs, young professionals, artists and community members. Our mission is to provide mentorship and guidance to citizens and first-generation college students seeking to become active and successful contributors to civil society by giving them access to college, career and community networks. We achieve this by promoting intergenerational dialogue through developing programs, forums, initiatives, campaigns and conferences which highlight the issues of race, socio-economic class, and gender identity in urban cities and on college campuses. Through our collaborative process, we work towards solving these social justice issues by developing a more inclusive economy. 


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Our programs, events, and symposiums prove that people can work together to make us challenge our own assumptions of racial, cultural, and gender identities to make a more welcoming community and campus environment embracing diversity and inclusion. All races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds participate in our programs and events. Join our Mentor Volunteer and Participate (MVP) Programs with Greatest MINDS. Here are some examples of our projects and programs.


College Students

Our Wait Until You See My Degree Initiative works with first-generation and minority college students. The organization has partnered up with staff, students, faculty, and alumni from local universities, and community members to provide valuable mentors and guidance for those who seek access to college, career, and community networks to succeed in life. The Greatest MINDS "Wait Until You See My Degree Campaign" gives our college students opportunities to network and transition from college to career.


Middle and High School Students

Our Start Studying Initiative provides mentors to a group of high school and middle school students allowing them to learn new technology skills while embracing working and studying together in teams to do homework and classwork assignments. We also provide college students and young professionals crucial role models especially for African American boys and young men. Through our "Start Studying"online and in-person sessions, students will participate in e-mentoring and e-tutoring from highly accomplished African American professionals from their neighborhood.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Corporations, College & Universities, Community Organizations, and Government Agencies

Our participation program NEXT Generation offers an opportunity for our members to be involved in direct action efforts within the community, corporations, and colleges and universities. Greatest MINDS works with other civic based organizations, colleges, corporations, and goverment agencies as partners to solve issues facing our society and people of color including diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging in the workplace, educational settings, and public places. Our Next Generation program members provides crucial networks for our young professionals and graduate students ages 24 to 39 to become economically self-sufficient in the workforce and contributors to society at large.

What I like about Greatest MINDS is their focus to engage high school students to look at attending HBCU's by doing tours to show that these schools are just as outstanding and viable as non-HBCUs. They also helped with college applications. And it provided a space for current students and alumni to gather and share their experiences and network.


—  Pamela King, community activist

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