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Join Greatest MINDS - New Opportunities, Jobs, Programs, & Scholarships.

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Join Greatest MINDS - Join as a High School Student, College Student, Mentor, or Community Advisor - Sign Up Now And Get Notices About Opportunities, Jobs, Programs, & Scholarships

National Greatest MINDS as a Mentor, Young Professional, Graduate Student, or Community Advisor for Ages 30 and up

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Boston - High School Students Join Greatest MINDS for Ages 14 to 19

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Atlanta - College Students - Join Greatest MINDS for Ages 18 to 25

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Greatest MINDS is a networking organization of educators, activists, entrepreneurs, young professionals, artists, and community members. Our mission is to provide mentorship and guidance to citizens and first-generation college students seeking to become active and successful contributors to civil society by giving them access to college, career, and community networks. We achieve this by promoting intergenerational dialogue through developing programs, forums, initiatives, campaigns, and conferences that highlight the issues of race, socio-economic class, and gender identity in urban cities and on college campuses. Through our collaborative process, we work towards solving these social justice issues by developing a more democratic and inclusive economy.

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