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2021 Greatest MINDS One-On-One Boston Mayoral Candidates Forum

August 2021

Dear Friends, Young People, and Community Residents: It gives me great pleasure to send you the videos of the 2021 Greatest MINDS One-On-One Boston Mayoral Candidates Forum held in Grove Hall this week at Flames Restaurant and Grove Hall Plaza. Over the last ten years, the Greatest MINDS organization has experimented with many models to engage the community members through forums, workshops, conferences, and community standouts to bring issues to the forefront and attention of all policymakers, political candidates, and the community at large. We have historically held these community-based forums for you to get a feel for the Mayoral and City Council candidates eliminating the debate difficulties of "soundbites" and "gotcha" moments. Our Greatest MINDS forums have given residents the ability to ask "unscripted questions" about the state of the city and our communities especially the areas of Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan. We are committing to continuing this much-needed dialogue in the Greater Boston area, communities of color, and beyond. As we completed our 2021 One-on-One Candidates with Mayoral Candidates for Boston, we have decided to provide you all the information so you can make an informed decision about your choices of all candidates - especially for Boston Mayoral and City Council candidates. We have asked in July 2021 for all five major Boston mayoral candidates to participate in our forums in the spirit of transparency. All of the campaign offices responded, except one candidate's campaign office, Acting Mayor Kim Janey. I have enclosed the One-on-One videos of all the candidates that responded - Boston Mayoral Contenders Annissa Essaibi George, John Barros, Michelle Wu, and Andrea Campbell - all in the exact order from the appearances at our forums.

Boston Mayoral Candidate: Annissa Essaibi George

Greatest MINDS One-on-One Video:

Boston Mayoral Candidate: John Barros

Greatest MINDS One-on-One Video:

Boston Mayoral Candidate: Michelle Wu

Greatest MINDS One-on-One Video:

Boston Mayoral Candidate: Andrea Campbell

Greatest MINDS One-on-One Video:

I hope by reviewing these One-one One videos, and researching their campaign websites will help you make an informed decision of who should be the best mayoral candidate to represent your interests in moving the city of Boston forward. This decision is now yours.

As you might know, the preliminary municipal election for the City of Boston is on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, with the general election to be held on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021. While the Greatest MINDS Boston does not endorse candidates, we do however endorse letting innovation and civic processes happen organically with citizens and community residents at the forefront and center.

Next week, please be on the lookout for an email from our recent July 2021 event convening all of the Boston City Council At-Large Candidates. We plan to put all of the candidates' videos and campaign websites that attended and participated in that email. It was a very collaborative event with all of the candidates equally sharing the stage and mapping out their constituent service plans and policies for the city. Again, thank you for the great opportunity for letting us convene you in this process.

Let's keep building an inclusive and just economy - and a city of Boston for all.


George (Chip) Greenidge, Jr.

Founder & Director, Greatest MINDS Boston

857.312.6340 - Cell phone

P.S. Here are several older Boston Globe & Boston Magazine editorials about the Greatest MINDS' political candidate process for your reference

(over the years).

Boston Globe Editorial 2012 - Better Debates Speed Dating

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Check out their websites, videos, and policies.

Mayoral Candidate: Annissa Essaibi George

Greatest MINDS One-on-One Video:

Mayoral Candidate: John Barros

Greatest MINDS One-on-One Video:

Mayoral Candidate: Michelle Wu

Greatest MINDS One-on-One Video:

Mayoral Candidate: Andrea Campbell

Campaign Website:

Greatest MINDS One-on-One Video:

Mayoral Candidate: Kim Janey

Campaign Website:

Greatest MINDS One-on-One Video: N/A

Greatest MINDS is a networking organization of educators, activists, entrepreneurs, young professionals, artists, and community members. Our mission is to provide mentorship and guidance to citizens and first-generation college students seeking to become active and successful contributors to civil society by giving them access to college, career, and community networks. We achieve this by promoting intergenerational dialogue through developing programs, forums, initiatives, campaigns, and conferences that highlight the issues of race, socio-economic class, and gender identity in urban cities and on college campuses. Through our collaborative process, we work towards solving these social justice issues by developing a more inclusive economy.

Check out our website, and social media: FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact: George (Chip) Greenidge, Jr. Director, Greatest MINDS Boston - Email 857.312.6340 - Cell Phone - Web

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