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Boston, MA & Atlanta, GA

Nonprofit Management, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Academia - Sociology with a concentration in Race and Urban Studies


George (Chip) Greenidge, Jr. is the Founder and Director of the Greatest MINDS - a nonprofit focused on providing alumni mentors to college and high school students. He is also a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University's Ash Center for Democratic Governance & Innovation. He is currently completing his doctorate at Georgia State University in the Departments of Sociology and African American Studies with a concentration in Race and Urban Studies. He received his master's degree in Human Development & Psychology from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, and his bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Studies from Morehouse College. Chip has served in many capacities throughout his career in the fields of non-profit, government, philanthropy, and education. His work as a leader and convener in areas of social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging has also been recognized locally and nationally by several of the following organizations: Aspen Institute, National Urban League, American Sociological Association, United Negro College Fund, NASA MINDS, and the Boston University's Center for Antiracist Research headed by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi.

Please learn about Chip's work from his social media and  news clips:

News Article: Greenidge: Celebrated Nonprofit leader says the Community is Where We Have To Be: Personal Blog: Black Dreams Matter - My Family's Legacy with Racism Video: Greenidge: CNN Fit Nation Team Member Chip Greenidge Wants to Enjoy the Ride:

What do you think about Greatest MINDS and its mission of mentoring young black students?

"It is a pleasure to give back to an amazing group of students who are interested in social justice as well as college-to-career-to community activities. It is important that young people see individuals that look like them in positions of power. I strongly believe that you can't be what you can't see." - George (Chip George (Chip) Greenidge, Jr.

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